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Acta stomatol Croat. 2013;47(2):98.


Dear readers!

Acta stomatologica Croatica is being published continuously for the last 47 years. Since 2006 it is completely available in the electronic format with open access. School of Dental Medicine has commenced with the digitalization of the whole database of the journal, from its beginnings in 1966, until 2006. The finalization of this project is expected with the closure of the 47th volume. Hence, the whole database, almost half a decade of publications, will be available for search.
The whole project has been designed and performed by the Head of the Dental Library School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb Vesna Borić.
This issue brings nine interesting papers from all over the world, and Croatia. We are also publishing abstracts from the congress of the Croatian Society of Periodontology CMA, that was organized in Zagreb, Croatia, on April 24th and 25th 2013. With regular book reviews, we also bring you information on the meeting of School of Dental Medicine Alumni that was held on 25th May 2013 and was attended by retired professors, the generation 1962/1967 and colleagues that graduated from our school and live in Slovenia.
I believe everyone will find something interesting to read.





Hrvoje Brkić

Editor in chief



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Effect of the Fluoride Gels and Varnishes Comparing to CPP-ACP Complex on Human Enamel Demineralization/Remineralization

Vesna Ambarkova, Kristina Gorseta, Mira Jankulovska, Domagoj Glavina, Ilija Skrinjaric

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/1

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Fluoride Release from Hard Dental Tissue Restorative Materials

Danijela Vrcek, Goranka Prpic-Mehicic, Zeljko Verzak, Jurica Vrcek, Jurica Matijevic, Kata Rosin Grget

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/2

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The Effect of Polyhexamethylen Biguanide on Microorganisms in Root Canal

Ivana Medvedec Mikic, Arjana Tambic Andrasevic, Goranka Prpic-Mehicic, Jurica Matijevic, Antonija Tadin, Paris Simeon

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/3

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Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Intracanal Ozone Treatment

Bernard Jankovic, Eva Klaric, Katica Prskalo, Danijela Marovic, Vlatko Panduric, Zrinka Tarle

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/4

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Self-reported Halitosis among Medical, Dental and Health Science Undergraduate Students at the University Sains Malaysia

Mon Mon Tin-Oo, Teh Yi Ying, Norkhafizah Saddki, Shani Ann Mani

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/5

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Comparative Analysis of Gender: A Population-Based Study on Dental Trauma

Veruska Medeiros Martins, Raulison Vieira de Sousa, Eveline Sales Rocha, Rafaella Bastos Leite, Marayza Alves Clementino, Ana Flávia Granville-Garcia

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/6

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Socioeconomic Status and Dental Injury Repetition in Children

Tomislav Skrinjaric, Ivana Cukovic-Bagic, Kristina Gorseta, Zeljko Verzak and Ilija Skrinjaric

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/7

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Investigation of Glazed Y-TZP Dental Ceramics Corrosion by Surface Roughness Measurement

Sanja Stefancic, Lidija Curkovic, Gorana Barsic, Marijana Majic-Renjo, Ketij Mehulic

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/8

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Prosthetic Intervention for the Management of Low Attached Palatopharyngeal Flaps - a Clinical Report

Gregory Polyzois, Panagiotis Zoidis, Mary Frangou

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/9

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Surgical complications in oral implantology: etiology, prevention and management - Louie Al-Faraje

Review by Josip Biočić 

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Plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant surgery - Otto Zuhr and Marc Hürzeler

Review by Darije Plančak 

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Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics - Herbert T. Shillingburg

Review by Amir Ćatić

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Professor Milutin Dobrenic DDS, PhD (1917-2003) – in memoriam

Ana Cekić Arambašin

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Salvete, alumni et alumnae!

Report by Ivan Alajbeg

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Abstracts of Croatian Periodontology Days 2013 Congress

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/2/10

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