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65 Years of Dental Medicine Study

The first generation of dental students began their studies in 1948 within the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. 65 years have passed since then. The relationship between odontology, dental medicine and medicine, particularly surgical branches focusing on the region of face and jaws as well as the organization of teaching and clinical practice were the issues on which the founding of Odontology department within the School of Medicine in Zagreb was based.  Article 7 of the curriculum of the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb which was published in ˝Narodne novine˝ official gazette of the Republic of Croatia 1948 mentioned the teaching at the Odontology department. The number of students at the department, that is, the number of those who attended the undergraduate study program in the academic year 1948/49 was 47 and in 1954, the first eight dental students graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.  
14 years later, that is, in 1962, this tradition was continued independently by the newly established School of Dental Medicine which still exists today.  
Therefore, this year, we celebrate the 65th anniversary of Dental Studies and their place within the higher education system of the Republic of Croatia.
Also, the Acta Stomatologica Croatica scientific journal started its publication 47 years ago within the School of Dental Medicine and since then, it has been coming out regularly, promoting science and dental profession both in Croatia and worldwide.  
This new issue of the 47th volume presents nine interesting scientific papers by authors from different European universities, four book reviews and abstracts from the 1st Congress of the Croatian Orthodontic Society of the Croatian Medical Association held in Zagreb in October, 2012.
I believe that everyone will find something interesting in this issue and get new insights into the dental profession. In conclusion, I would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone to support our journal by sending scientific studies to be published thus increasing the quality of the journal as well as the number of citations.


Hrvoje Brkić

Editor in chief



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Apical Microleakage of a Silicone Based Root Canal Sealer: an Electrochemical Study

Mehmet Ömer Görduysus, Melahat Görduysus, Selen Küçükkaya

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/1

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The Application of LC-MS/MS Technology for Proteomic Analysis of Gingival Tissue: a Pilot Study

Ana Badovinac, Genadij Razdorov, Lovorka Grgurević, Ivan Puhar, Darije Plančak, Darko Božić

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/2

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Profile of Dental Patients in University-Based and Private Practice

Helder José Martins Esteves,  José Maria Suárez Quintanilla

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/3

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Influence of Dental Status, Age and Gender on the Cortical Width of the Lower Border of the Mandible and Mandibular Cortical Index

Muhamed Ajanovic, Alma Kamber-Cesir, Selma Tosum, Amela Dzonlagic

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/4

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Sexual Dimorphism in the Permanent Mandibular Canines: A Study in Albanian Population of Kosovo

Gloria Staka, Venera Bimbashi, Metush Disha, Fatmir Dragidella

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/5

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Correlation between Surface Roughness and Shear Bond Strength in Zirconia Veneering Ceramics: a Preliminary Report

Lana Bergman Gasparic

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/7

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Is European Dentistry Becoming a Female Profession?

Vesna Barac Furtinger, Rena Alyeva, Ludmila N. Maximovskaya

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/8

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New Illustrations of st. Apollonia in the Churches of st. Catherine in Zagreb and Vodnjan

Goran Knezevic, Ana Kotarac Knezevic

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/9

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New Primary Zirconia Crown Restorations for Children with Early Childhood Caries

Serhat Karaca, Gizem Ozbay, Betul Kargul

DOI: 10.15644/asc47/1/6

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Dental Implant Restoration - Stuard H. Jacobs, Brian C. O'Conell

Review by Denis Vojvodić

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Success Strategies for the Aesthetic Practice - Linda Greenwall, Cathy Jameson

Review by Dubravka Knezović Zlatarić

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Quintessence Of Dental Technology 2012 - Sillas Duarte

Review by Božidar Pavelić

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Successful Local Anaestesia for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics - Al Reader, John Nusstein, Melissa Drum

Review by Marin Vodanović

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Report from the 1st Congress of the Croatian Society of Orthodontics of Croatian Medical Association, Zagreb, Croatia, 12 - 13 October 2012

Report by Tomislav Lauc

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Abstracts of the first Congress of the Croatian Society of Orthodontics of Croatian Medical Association Zagreb, 12 and 13 October 2012

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