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At the beginning of the 43rd volume in the year of 2009 I would like to inform you about the results of Acta Stomatologica Croatica (ASCRO) in the year gone by. Our journal was published regularly, four times in 2008. Volume 42 was completed with four editions in printed and in on-line version by December 25th 2008.

ASCRO is still being printed in 1200 copies which are distributed by “Hrvatska pošta” to all the members of the Croatian Dental Society CMA, subscribers and publishers whose journals are exchanged for ASCRO.

Last volume has included 33 articles, 13 by Croatian and 20 by non-Croatian authors; 65% were scientific, 8% were reviews and 27% were case presentations.

All manuscripts were submitted by means of an electronic programme and distributed for peer reviews. The frequency of international reviewers when compared to Croatian was 56 to 44%; this fulfilled my intention to harmonize the number of reviewers to 50:50% in comparison to last year.

Volume 42 has also included over 170 abstracts from the 2nd Congress of the Croatian Society of Dental Implantology CMA and 4th International Congress of the Croatian Dental Society CMA, as well as from the 1st Congress of the Croatian Society of Oral Medicine and Pathology CMA.

The number of ASCRO Online readers has almost tripled when compared to last volume (November 2007 – 2361, November 2008 – 7447).

Publishing, language editing, distribution and electronic preparation was financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, by subscriptions, CDS CMA and Colgate, for which I am most thankful.

In the end, as a gift to You, our faithful readers, and thanks to the Global Institute for Dental Education (GIDE), we are offering you an online lecture held by our colleague Sascha Jovanovic. You can see it by using the password and user name which you can find HERE.


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Acta Stomatol Croat. 2009;43(1):2.



Hrvoje Brkić

Editor in chief



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Influence of Powered Toothbrushes on Dentine Wear

Alena Knežević, Indra Nyamaa, Zrinka Tarle, Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann

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An Assessment of Self-Reported Oral Health Behaviour of Non-Dental School Students in Turkey

Gülcan Coşkun Akar, Nezih Metin Özmutaf, Zuhal Ozgur

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Whole Saliva Levels of Some Inflammatory Mediators in Patients with Previous Evidence of Periodontitis: a Pilot Study

Andrija Bošnjak, Vanja Vučićević-Boras, Josip Lukač, Suzana Brozović

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Calcium and Potassium Saliva Concentration in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Renata Chałas

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Salivary Nitric Oxide as Biomarker of Caries Risk in Children

Dušan S. Šurdilović, Ivana Stojanović, Mirjana Apostolović

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Implant Stability Measurement Six Weeks After Implantation

Jurica Krhen, Ivana Canjuga, Vjekoslav Jerolimov, Tomislav Krhen

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Central Giant Cell Granuloma of Aggressive Growth: Case Presentation after Monitoring for Several Years

Goran Knežević, Davor Jokić, Dinko Knežević

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Oral and Maxillofacial Manifestations of Gardner’s Syndrome: Case Report

Amila Brkic, Banu Gürkan-Köseoğlu, Çiğdem Özçamur

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Solutions for Dental Esthetics: The Natural Look - Toyoshiro Hidaka

Review by Danijela Matošević 

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Contemporary Periodontal Surgery: An Illustrated Guide to the Art Behind the Science - Geoffrey Bateman, Shuva Saha, Iain LC Chapple

Review by Darko Božić 

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Successful Posterior Composites - Christopher D Lynch

Review by Marin Vodanović 

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Quintessence of Dental Technology - Avishai Sadan

Review by Tomislav Badel 

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Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: Principles, Design, Implementation - Michael Cohen

Review by Nikša Dulčić 

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Edentulous Jaw and Different Surgical Treatment Options*

Sascha Jovanovic


E-mail address:
Password: gide

*Expiry date: June 1, 2009


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